eenhoorntamara – Pokemon Silver Tempest

€ 129,99 € 124,99

A Pokémon Booster Box from the set Sword & Shield - Silver Tempest.

In the distance you can hear the echoes of ominous rumbles, awakening Lugia VSTAR and emerging from the dark depths of the ocean! Get ready for a legendary battle as Regieleki VMAX and Regidrago VSTAR also wake up from their deep sleep. Between battles, you can explore uncharted territory with your adventurous friends Alolan Vulpix VSTAR, Serperior VSTAR, Unown VSTAR and Mawile VSTAR. Will you discover the hidden treasures of Silver Tempest together?

Silver Tempest consists of over 190 cards including three brand new Radiant Pokémon, six fantastic VSTAR Pokémon, 15 powerful Pokémon V and one Pokémon VMAX and over 15 trainer cards. In addition, in these boosters you can find special Trainer Gallergy cards, which feature iconic Trainers and their partner Pokémon.

A Booster Box Silver Tempest consists of 36 boosters. Each booster Silver Tempest contains 11 Pokémon cards of which:
- 10 Pokemon cards.
- 1 Energy card.