eenhoorntamara – Pokemon Darkness Ablaze

€ 4,99

A Pokémon booster from the Sword & Shield Darkness Ablaze set.

In the Sword & Shield expansion Darkness Ablaze, the legendary Pokémon Eternatus makes its first appearance as Pokémon V. This powerful Pokémon makes the dark night shine brightly and burn like never before. What a monster! In addition to Eternatus, Centiskorch V, Mew V, Galarain Slowbro V and many others also show their best side. Not only Pokémon V can be found in Darkness Ablaze, but also Pokémon VMAX as their Gigantamax version such as Charizard, Grimmsnarl and Butterfree VMAX! You don't have to be afraid of the dark with these powerful friends by your side!

Darkness Ablaze consists of 189 cards, including seven Pokémon VMAX and 15 Pokémon V.