One Piece - Wings Of The Captain Booster Box - OP06

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The 6th Booster adds Fishman Island, Thriller Bark, and Germa as a theme!

These cards introduce new tactics which expands the battle options even further!

This pack centers around fan favorites Zoro and Sanji!

It is highly synergistic with ST 12, while also offering several popular characters not found in ST 12!

Introducing Sanji’s sister, Reiju from Germa 66, along with FILM theme cards in new colors! Also features Moria, Perona , and other popular characters from throughout the series!

The SP cards in this pack feature designs that capture a snapshot of various characters’ daily lives! This is a rare theme for merchandise and is sure to attract collectors!


Leader x6

Common x45

Uncommon x30

Rare x26

Super Rare x10

Secret Rare x2

Special Card x6

DON!! Card x1

126 card types